The interest of LEBLAN is in the protection of the environment, protection of natural resources and, of course, compliance with the legal norms, we have collaborated on implementation and development of equipment for recycling and recovery of fresh concrete. These wastes produced in the cleaning of concrete tank trucks and concrete pumping trucks, or even in the remnants of concrete not discharged, are separated for reuse.


The use of equipment is simple. 
Concrete debris are discharged into the recycler. This has hosepipes for washing the inside of the tanks and optionally for the washing of the pumps. In this recycler, it produces washing and recovery, on the one hand, of the aggregates, sand and gravel, which are extracted by an endless screw. These residues are reusable in the production of concrete. On the other hand the cement along with the water are sent to a settler. In this the sediment particles must be removed and discarded periodically. The recovered water is reused both in the washing of the equipment and in the production of concrete.
When we are able to reuse all recovered water, instead of using settlers we use agitation system, which keep the particles in suspension and it allows us to reuse the water with refined reaching zero waste.