The generation and management of solid waste and in particular of hazardous waste represents a serious environmental problem, hence the existence of an increasingly stringent European waste policy. Generally, these residues come from very diverse industries and have a varied composition. The hierarchy established in the management of the waste locates as the last stage, the elimination of the same in controlled deposits or security deposits, forcing the Law 10/98, of waste, to perform pretreatment before discharge in order to reduce the hazardous characteristics of the waste. In order to reduce the mobility and toxicity of the contaminants present in the residues, the stabilization / solidification processes are used, which consist of the use of binders and additives to obtain a solid final product which it can be reused or whose landfill disposal does not pose a problem to human health or the environment.

This is where LEBLAN engineering and technology designs, manufactures and installs the necessary machinery to stabilize and inert the waste and send it to landfill or be reused. Lime grouting plants, dosed powder lime, cement, mixed in cycles or continuous, granulomere classification, washing and hydro cyclones, press filters…

Solutions tailored to the needs of each project.