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Our machinery

Our range of feeders are designed to provide a constant and controlled flow of aggregates at each stage of construction.

This allows for meticulous management of material feed, ensuring a continuous and uniform supply.

They are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities to suit the specific needs of each project.      

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  • 9Precision: Our feeders ensure that aggregates are distributed with the accuracy required for each application.
  • 9Efficiency: Our feeders help reduce construction costs by optimizing material usage.
  • 9Safety: Our feeders are designed to ensure the safety of workers on the job site.
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Our models

AB Belt feeder

  • 9Reliable system for controlled conveying of materials to the processing plant.
  • 9Multiple combinations of widths and lengths.
maquinaria tratamiento de residuos
maquinaria tratamiento de residuos

 AV Vibrating feeder

  • 9Provides uniform and continuous feeding, improving efficiency in the crushing process.
  • 9Multiple combinations of widths and lengths.

Transfer TR

  • 9Facilitates the efficient transfer of materials between different process steps.
maquinaria tratamiento de residuos

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