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Concrete is an essential material in construction, but its transportation and storage can be a challenge, especially in construction projects that are in remote or difficult to access locations.

LEBLAN  offers a wide range of mobile and containerizable equipment for the concrete and cement industry that facilitates the mobility of mobile plants or accessories, making them ideal for construction projects in these environments.

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The equipment we offer includes

  • 9Mobile soil-cement plants: produce soil-cement from dry components.
  • 9Mobile silos: store cement, ashes...
  • 9Aggregate heating containers: keep aggregates at the right temperature for concrete production.
  • 9Water cooling containers: keep water at the right temperature for concrete production.
  • 9Ice flake production containers: solution for adding ice flakes to water for concrete production at the right temperature.
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Our models

Mobile Soil Cement Plant

A mobile and efficient solution designed for on-site production of soil-cement.

The plant’s mobility ensures that it can be moved according to project requirements.

Equipped with advanced batching and mixing technology, the Mobile Soil Cement Plant ensures optimal homogeneity in the mix, providing a solid and resistant base for construction projects.

maquinaria tratamiento de residuos
maquinaria tratamiento de residuos

Mobile Silo

A practical and efficient solution for temporary storage of bulk materials in changing environments.

This mobile silo, equipped with wheels and transport systems, provides flexibility to be strategically located on site. Its robust, airtight design ensures that the quality of stored materials, whether ash, cement or other bulk products, is preserved.

With efficient loading and unloading capabilities, the mobile silo facilitates logistics in construction projects and industrial processes, offering a versatile solution for handling bulk materials on the move.

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