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Precise screening is an essential process in quality construction. It is used to sort and classify aggregates, which are the granular materials used in concrete, asphalt and other construction products.

Aggregates must be the right size and shape for their application. Aggregates that are too large can weaken the structure, while aggregates that are too small can make compaction difficult.

Our screening machinery is designed to provide accurate and efficient screening. We use the latest technologies to ensure that each particle is classified with millimeter accuracy.

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Range of uses

  • 9Production of aggregates for concrete and asphalt
  • 9Manufacture of construction products.
  • 9Waste recycling.
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Our models

CVE Screens

Efficient solutions for the classification of materials, guaranteeing accurate and efficient sorting according to the desired particle size.

maquinaria tratamiento de residuos
maquinaria tratamiento de residuos

 TF / TC / TPB Tromel

Versatile rotary screeners, ideal for efficient classification of materials in different industries.

  • 9The TF model is used for downstream washing of highly contaminated materials.
  • 9The TC model is used for backwashing of materials containing soils and clays.
  • 9The TPB model is used for screening materials.


Prescreeners are machines used to remove undesired materials prior to the crushing process. These materials can damage crushing equipment, reduce efficiency and contaminate final products. Prescreeners are available in three main types: fixed hoppers, vibrating hoppers and grizzlies. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Prescreeners offer a number of advantages, including:

  • 9 Improved crushing efficiency
  • 9Prolongs equipment life
  • 9Reduces contamination

Prescreeners are used in a wide range of applications, including aggregate crushing, waste crushing and minerals crushing.

maquinaria tratamiento de residuos

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