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Our equipment

Our conveyor belts are able to cover all material transport needs regardless of length or production within each facility.

We have developed different models and widths adapting to the diversity of materials to be transported, the implementation of the equipment within the treatment line and the equipment it provides service to.

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Our models

TRSU conveyor

The “TRSU” type (Solid Urban Waste Conveyor) is the most robust model, with a frame made of folded sheet metal, upper stations in a trough and a channelling system along the entire length.

Easily customizable with a wide variety of instrumentation and accessories.

maquinaria tratamiento de residuos
maquinaria tratamiento de residuos

Flat with rollers

The “flat with rollers” or “CTP” type is indicated for secondary stages of the process, where all the bulky and heavy fraction has been removed and the material to be transported is more homogeneous than in the first stages.

It has a wider and flatter conveying surface, which results in a more homogeneous material conveying, taking advantage of the entire belt width.

Flat sliding conveyor

It has a frame design with upper sliding plate cradle for the belt and lower rollers that maximizes the effective conveying section, which makes it ideal for feeding equipment.

maquinaria tratamiento de residuos
maquinaria tratamiento de residuos

Reduced section flat conveyor

This conveyor features a fully reduced design with top slider plate for the belt without rollers to maximize space savings.

Accelerator flat conveyor

This conveyor is characterized by its high belt speed and not very long lengths, it has a totally reduced design with upper sliding plate for the belt without rollers that maximizes the space saving.
maquinaria tratamiento de residuos

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