In Leblan we mean by assembly the set of all operations and manipulations necessary to assemble the elements and structures received in the field until completion of the installation in accordance with the contract plans and specifications and includes the discharge of the materials on site, their handling and commissioning, tests, and inspections, provisional braces, scaffolding, cranes, equipment, personnel and required safety elements.



At Leblan we carry out the maintenance process for our manufactured and installations. We perform inspections, locate breakdowns, analyze and propose corrective actions, and we organize the work, we plan the interventions and determine the execution times of maintenance.



At Leblan you will find the original spare parts, accessories and spare parts for all our products and supplies. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about our service of the original replacement parts, accessories and spare parts.



You will find our technical assistance department at your disposal to assist you and advise you on any problems that may arise with our machinery. At Leblan, we strive to always provide the best technical support service to all our customers. You can contact us by phone, by writing an email or by filling out the contact form that is hosted on this same website.